Mission Statement

SPF Mission Statement:

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation addresses the diverse and complicated issues that human society is encountering in the 21st century. In order to respond to an increasing number of natural disasters and social crises, we implement and support a variety of programs and projects. As a private Japanese foundation, we strive to strengthen cooperation at all levels between Japan and other countries. We make use of our freedom as a private foundation to effectively promote activities, proposals, and exchanges in the search for a new governance model for human society
  1. Toward New Ocean Governance
    We make necessary proposals for ocean governance and promote policy implementation to protect this common heritage of mankind. With international cooperation and coordination, we promote research about comprehensive ocean management and sustainable development. As an organization of a country surrounded by the sea, we pursue a model for a new ocean state that maintains a balance between development and utilization of marine resources as well as environmental protection. We make efforts to enhance cooperation with the international community, especially with Asian and Pacific countries, to establish the ocean governance of the future.
  2. Realization of World Peace and Security
    We implement and support projects that contribute to world peace and security. We devote our efforts to the stability and development of the Asia-Pacific region and the international community. At the same time, we consider strategies for governance in new areas of maritime and space security in cooperation with the leaders of other countries and various fields by conducting research and making proposals. We also examine and implement measures to ensure the security of citizens against internal conflicts, terrorism, and natural disasters, which have been increasing around the world.
  3. Solving Diverse Problems of the Planet
    Keeping the diversity of the world community in view, we seek tailor-made solutions for each country and region. With the current aging of the population in Japan and the developed world, growth has slowed down in recent years. Social problems are arising from the aging population and increasing economic disparities. On the other hand, the population in the developing world is growing rapidly, bringing about various problems inside as well as outside these countries. To come up with practical solutions to these problems, we promote approaches that respect diversity. In order to create societies where individuals can fully express their potential and contribute to finding solutions, we support innovative policies and implementation efforts at the policy-making level.
April 1, 2015
The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
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Business Year
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